Important Notice! VOSH will be holding its annual beer pong tournament at Crossroads Irish Pub tomorrow night, Nov 1 from 7:30 to 11pm. Last November, the glorious OD 2015 team of Josh and Keith took the title of Ultimate VOSH Beer Pong Champions. Which duo will it be this year? Come find out tomorrow and cheer on your favorite team! Registration due by 5pm Nov 1 if you wish to participate! Email: Jennifer_williams@neco.

General VOSH meeting tomorrow at noon in LH2. Volunteer hours available for sign up on first come first serve basis.

If you have any photos from past VOSH events that you would like to share, please email ting_zhang@neco. In the meantime, enjoy our photos from Clubs Day and Zinga! Fundraiser:



07/24/2013 12:39am

In case these tournaments are conducted every year I would like to participate from next time onward! I am so happy to find plenty of new generation stuff here! I was in search for a place like this! Do update about the beer pong tournament! Regards!


Great blog, I'm great I found Weebly!


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